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domino’s that’s

that’s what we have referred to for quite some time as a

a phone call

Sokos - 01

I am going to get tired of this song really quickly and I know it.

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LigOne - Complete

This channel defines further genre distinctions between each individual track so now I can’t be ignorant and enjoy it as an umbrella term. Well, that wasn’t happening anyway once I heard a song that sounded like future combined with trap.

The guy who runs this employs moe anime girls over white photoshop splatter brushes and a random anime background for his channel and it’s really fucking weaboo and actually 10/10 awesome aesthetic would subscribe

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Galantis - Runaway (JayKode Remix)

Found this on Syrebral but the background was boring so here’s AnoHana fanart with a big ugly TRAP MUSIC in the corner.

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Kwonnie, i love you and you're such a handsome man with beautiful hair :) I hope you have a nice day.

Ow my feels thank you ;^;


天野 嘉孝 (Yoshitaka Amano)



Showing dominance in non sexual ways is attractive as fuck


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